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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cat v. Sumo Wrestlers

The Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena kicked off its Fusion Friday, eh last Friday, and yours truly joined F and J for a night out at the museum... I got there a bit late so the sumo demonstration had just started and the host was taking questions from the audience... and suddenly I spotted F and J and waved...

Host: I saw a hand over there, do you have a question, did you raise your hand?
Cat: eh, I was waving at my friends, but I could ask a question, blahblahblah bs bs bs, blah...
Host frowns a bit: that's a loaded question, but blahblahblah... there are girl sumo wrestlers.
Cat: So do girl sumo wrestlers also wear diapers?
Audience: Gasp.
F and J: we don't know her.

*Blush* Guess Cat says the darndest things. I somehow managed to dishonor one of the most time honored sports in Japan where tradition is everything... you know in the past people commit harakiri just because they trip on the sumo master's robe or something... glad they didn't make me do that :P
I didn't know sumo wrestling could be so exciting. They are incredible athletes underneath all that blubber. They have all my respect.
Also highly recommended is the museum itself, it's small, intimate and just beautiful. Woo, nice fat koi fishies, sushi? Keke :P