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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Baby Catmobile Wears Jimmy Choos

Scene Setting: Beverly Hills BMW
Service Adviser Chris: you've got nails, bubbles, etc etc in all four tires and new shoes for Baby Catmobile would cost $1,800
Cat: Wha?! Faint. Baby Catmobile wears Jimmy Choos?
Btw, this is not Baby Catmobile, this is her boyfriend Barney "Purple" Porsche in Xiamen China... see all these fancy cars they drive over there? Questionable choice of color for outfit tho.
What else did I do this wkd? Went to C and D's for a BBQ... picked some organic apricots in their backyard. Delicious.
Here is D making a Chinese style biscuit.
It was so good, I ate three in a row... although when it came to the last one I was like I need to save some room for bbq, but the golden biscuit was so tempting, I couldn't help but go MUNCH CHOMP MUNCH... oh well, I still had five minutes to digest until the kalbi was ready, keke :P


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