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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Locanda Positano

J was visiting from Hong Kong so JA and I met up with him for dinner at Locanda Positano in Marina Del Rey... thanks J for the treat :)
When we got there at 6:30 it was still kinda quiet... very charming interior, like you are transported to a village in Italy...
except right outside is busy Lincoln Blvd lined with ugly strip malls and there were some homeless people sleeping on the side walk, so sad :(
Bread was so good...
My entree, linguine with clams. They gave you tons of clams. It was however, a bit salty for my taste.
I am a wimp when it comes to dessert, I always order either tiramisu or creme brulee... so I took this picture of JA's pretty fruit tart as my tiramisu was not photogenic.
Restaurant got crowded later in the evening...


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