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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cat does the Gangnam Style (at a Hawker Centre)

Well, almost. You see, on my last day in Singy, F and I went to the Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre which is btw, a must go place, not just for food but also the splendid architecture. Anyhoo, luckily for us, we scored a table in the center of the crowded food court. While I was munching on my roasted duck meat, and F savoring her fried kimchi rice, suddenly a group of youngsters started to do the Gangnam Style right in front of us. I was like, WTH, I wanna do the pony dance too! So I ran in front and the chick with her back to the camera is me. Ok ok, it's not me, I seriously thought about joining the flash mob, but couldn't part ways with my roasted duck, not even for thirty seconds :P Here is the video I put on Youtube, maybe I'll get gazillion views too. The Lau Pa Sat Centre is the oldest ironcast structure still standing in Southeast Asia. Really quite impressive.
F (in blue dress) fearlessly leading the way to food paradise :)
Stall after stall of yummy food vendors... decisions, decisions, why is life so hard? Sniff Sniff.
Detailed food pics for one of the maybe 50 vendors. Clams, crabs, shrimp, ahh faint. I want them all! Yep, I am a greedy eater, you got a problem? Hmph.