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Friday, June 8, 2007

The pluses and minuses of bangs...

I recently got bangs. There are definitely pluses to having bangs -- I look more stylish and it conveniently blocked a pimple on my forehead. But there are also some minuses -- mainly I look more Asian, more specifically, straight from Japan or China Asian, and that brings in mind an encounter I had with a "deaf mute" in front of the Bellagio in Vegas last week.

The Bellagio has a neat water fountain show. I was standing in front of it waiting for the next show to start. And there was this late 40ish midwesterner looking guy. He wanted me to take a picture of him and his wife. But he didn't say anything, he simply handed his digital camera (which was the size of a brick, probably circa year 2000 with a 0.5 megapixel resolution), and pointed at the camera, the lens, the shutter and then himself. So I thought he was a deaf mute and couldn't speak. I was very glad to be of help to people with disabilities. So instead of being like -- haha, your camera is soooo old, I said - 1, 2, 3, Cheese!, and took several good pictures. Well, after I handed the camera back, he started talking to his wife. It turned out he wasn't deaf mute after all -- he didn't speak to me because he thought I was fresh off the boat from Japan or China and didn't speak English! I was soooo mad. Well, I wanted to be diplomatic so I told my grievances in Chinese to my friend. But my problem is, sometimes without me knowing, my Chinese slips back into English. So with him still next to me, I loudly exclaimed: I should've just taken a picture of his big fat ass!


Pei said...

The haircut does not make you look particularly more or less Asian. That guy is just stupid.

The haircut makes you look stylish because the Japanese girl who cut your hair knew how to make Asian hair look stylish but manageable. Unsurprisingly, what makes Asian hair look stylish is necessarily considered an "Asian" haircut because a lot of Asian people do it.

If you saw an Asian girl with a really stylish European or Vavoom Hollywood haircut, she might look stylish but she would be a) really unnatural looking and/or b) her hair would be really hard to maintain.

Or you could get a really boring haircut and just look boring and shaggy.

Pei said...

Like how a lot of black girls iron their hair to look Anglo. It's stylish, but it's really not natural or easy to maintain.

Cat said...

Thanks Pei! Yeah that's what I figured - who cares whether I look more this or that, as long as it looks good on me and is manageable, I am happy. BTW, my arm is sore from the Wii fest.

Pei said...

Exactly. Stupid people who have never seen Asians speak English should be ignored.