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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Context and Perspective

Hmm, where is this? Somewhere in the dessert or a cacti farm? Maybe Cat got lost while hiking in the Death Valley and started to hallucinate dessert plants...

Oh, it's the cacti terrace at the Getty Center ...I would not want to fall on top of these thorny little plants :-)

What is this circular thingy? An UFO? Or the dome at the Sistine Chapel? Very geometric looking, Michaelangelo was definitely before his time.

It's the glassy dome at the atrium outside of the Boone Gallery at the Huntington Gardens!

While at the Huntington Gardens, I got lost in this forest of tall trees...

A forest of tall bonsai trees... I mean.

Sand and Rock... at the Malibu Beach or is it at the...

...Japanese Zen Garden?

Pictures taken by the Mars Land Rover of the Martian surface (I see traces of water and life, possibly some Martian worms)...

Oh, it's a tree trunk at the Huntington. Apparently NASA control center was experiencing some technical difficulties and accidentally focused the Mars Land Rover lens on earth instead.


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