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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pretty Flowers

Mucho thanks to L for turning a few inexpensive vases and a $5 bouquet of flowers into these beautiful arrangements. They really brighten up my apartment.


Pei said...

I am horrified that you would describe the signs below as Chinglish. Chinglish is merely a mingling of Chinese and English, sometimes with amusing results. Like if I said "Let's go xue3 ping1" it's a humorous Chinese play on the English word "shopping." It's dorky, but bilinguals would get what I mean.

The signs in China are just plain botched translations. I am blinded by them. Blinded.

Pei said...

The world needs better Chinglish.

Cat said...

I know what you mean, P dear. Technically, your definition of Chinglish is correct. But over the years, its meaning has expanded to also include English poorly translated into Chinese. It's like Shirley used to be boy's name, but over the years, it became girl's name. Ok, that's a bad example, but you get the point. And yes, I like let's go xue3 ping1.