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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Family of Conservationists

It rained buckets last night. My poor little pad felt like it was in the middle of the ocean getting pounded by waves! Yep, it was that loud. Anyhoo, I just spoke with my mama, and she said she put several buckets outside to collect rain water to be used for gardening later. Ah, my mama is such a pioneer conservationist!


Anonymous said...

Your mom would love my friend's rain barrel. It collects enough water for them to water the garden and even wash their cars. And there's a little filter in it so the water's clean of debris (though not drinkable). And because they have one, they get a water credit!

Cat said...

Thanks for telling me this. Is this water barrel available from the local utility company? My mom would totally get it if she gets a water credit!

Anonymous said...

You have to call and ask. I'm not sure if it's popular in LA because there's so little rain. My friend went to a seminar sponsored by her local utilities company, then built the tank with her very handy landlord.

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