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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Food Meltdown

Since hotel food is very expensive, I usually go to the closest supermarket to get snacks and drinks to save money. Today I went to the mother of all supermarkets... The Galeria Lafayette Gourmet! It makes Whole Foods look like a country mart! I had a near meltdown looking at all the yummy food stations -- seafood bar, proschiutto bar, sushi bar, sandwich bar, pastry bar... ahhhhhhh!

The Galleria Lafayette is actually a complex of three buildings, kind of like Whole Foods, the Ferry Building in SF, Nordstrom's and Bestbuy all rolled into one. Here is the main building, looking all Xmasy.

Sadly, I was only able to snap this picture of the proschiutto bar... one of the employees saw me and told me not to take pictures... so mean :-( Your proschiutto will be sliced right there for you. There is a little bar stool area on the other side of the proschiutto bar if you want to sample proschiutto slices and sip some fine wine.

It's 1am here, need to catch some zzzzsss... so I leave you with this picture of the golden statues above the Paris Opera House. Bonjour or Bonsoir, wherever you are :-)


Anonymous said...

Yay, glad this trip to Paris is so much better than your last one! Remember to deck yourself out in some French designer products before heading home.

Anonymous said...

it's more like Harrod's. -J