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Saturday, May 30, 2009


My hair is getting sooo long! I could play the Chinese version of Rapunzel. Now, I am just waiting for my prince to show up. Note to sweet prince: remember to bring some lobsters, and crabs and clams for me to munch on... otherwise, Catpunzel will not put her hair down! Anyways, once you are at the bottom of the castle with the seafood basket, follow directions as set forth below :-)

Crocheted Rapunzel & Sweet Prince by SimpleArtsPlanet
Hairdye job by Bella


Loanne said...

heeheehhe. I could have done the hair a little better than that. Sorry, I thought you wanted it to be more prof. :-)

Are you my Rapunzel?

Cat said...

Eh, maybe Fabio could play Boypunzel for you :-)

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!! :)

Cat said...

Thanks, thanks... I know, I am very cute, kekeke :-P