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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Never Forget

Candlelight vigil in V Park, Hong Kong last night... I was moved to see that the normally very practical Hong Kongers haven't forgotten... If anything, the event in summer _____taught us there is no unlimited power... be it husband over wife (correction: wife over husband :-), parent over children or government over people...(this part of Confucian culture needs a serious update). Even if there was genuine disagreement between the gvt and the st___ts, you cannot roll out t__ks and indiscriminately kill people and not face consequences. That is like so eighteenth century!
image courtesy of Bobby Yip/Reuters


Pei said...

Er...there shouldn't be any "power" of a husband over a wife, much less unlimited power. Silly cat.

Cat said...

No, I was referring to the Confucian system... which has husband over wife... and that times like that are really over, this is the modern world! But some people (such as the Chinese govt) still live as if that is the case, that they can do whatever and not face consequences.

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