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Monday, June 29, 2009


Hmmm, youtube is blocked here... now, nytimes and facebook too. Oh, facebook came back up, but hotmail went down... Chinese ce@nsorship is weird...a bureaucrat is probably sitting at his desk somewhere, eating melon seeds, sipping on tea, and randomly turning switches on and off... what a job. But funnily, I went to a local supermarket, and there were porn videos on the lower shelves, lest children can't reach them...tsk tsk tsk.


Pei said...

Chinese people tend to be short. It's nice to have things on the lower shelves.

Or you can just live in SF, where once (or more) a year people are encouraged to walk down the street stark naked.

Cat said...

Pei deary,

The porn stuff were really really on the lower shelves, they are like a foot off the ground ... yep Wuhaners are really short :-)

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