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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Panda, why so sad?

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an article about a sad panda lurking around lower Manhattan. I am a sucker for cuddly animals so it made me all sad too. Today, I went to the financial district, and spotted the sad panda myself! He looked so sad...He was standing there alone, I felt a little uneasy so did not go up to give him money, I wish I had though. He may be homeless! So sad... we all deserve a home and food on the table, sniff sniff.

The Sad Panda was looking at these people molesting the Wall Street Bull.

After Wall Street, we went to Chinatown and had really good Sichuanese food. I think the trick is not to order all spicy foods. Order a few spicy ones, then balance them out with a sauteed veggie dish. We had Chinese gourd and it was yummy.

Everything in this Chinese dessert shop was $1, so cheap!

Bye Bye NYC... view of Empire State Building from JieJie Cat's apartment.


Anonymous said...

A big old pudgy panda bear walked into McDonald's one day.
Ordered a Big Mac, fries and a Coke, and ate it all right away.
He paid his bill at the counter, then with a great big grin
He pulled out a big water pistol and shot the cashier in the chin.
He sauntered out to the sidewalk; the cashier followed him there.
Drying his face he said, "Why'd you do that? It wasn't really fair."
"In the encyclopedia, friend, the answer can be found."
The panda said, and then he left, saying, "Well, I'll see ya around."
The cashier looked it up that night. What he saw he couldn't believe.
The encyclopedia said, "Panda -- eats shoots and leaves.

Pei said...

sad panda kind of gives me the creeps. I wish he would dance around.

Cat said...

Yeah, he creeped me out a little too, that's why I didn't go up to give him money.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were in NYC for only one day? -J

Cat said...

Oh no, one day conference and two days hanging out with JieJie... came back to LA on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

we need the panda bear there to keep all the wall street bulls on check. -h

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