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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cat vs. the Kiddies

So I began my Tour de France training in earnest this weekend. Thank you D for kindly agreeing to be my coach! First, we had to pick a suitable locale for a bicycle novice. There happen to be an elementary school close to C and D's place so we went there... but to my consternation three kiddies were also there learning to ride bicycle.

The good news is I am able to get on the bicycle and pedal in straight lines, the bad news is, the kiddies were obviously more advanced than me and they were doing all these fancy turns and stuff, showoffs! Wait until next week, Auntie Cat is gonna channel her inner Chinese acrobat and do a handstand on her beach cruiser, we'll see who is cooler then :-P


She-Hulk said...

LOL! I'm glad you can ride a bike now. Hope you also invested in helmet, especially if you're going to be doing tricks.

Loanne said...

Uh... aren't you going to spin some China ware on the tip of a wooden dowel while doing your Chinese acrobat handstand? I'd be more impressed with that.

Cat said...

You are just like my mama, I am never good enough, huh? Wait 'til you come next week, not only will I do a handstand on the beach cruiser, I will spin China on a wood stick and wash them at the same time! Hmph.

Pei said...

I need video documentation of all bike rides, please.

Cat said...


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