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Monday, July 27, 2009


I saw these pictures on a website today. They are day laborers working in the Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen. They haul bricks for a living... some of them have been hauling bricks for decades. They probably make no more than US$100 a month, if that. The glittery buildings in China are literally built on their backs.

The temperature is over 100 degrees ... or 41 Celcius.

Drenched in sweat...

Most laborers live far away from their families in shabby dorms and they go home only once a year for the Spring Festival.


She-Hulk said...

now that looks backbreaking. i'll just look at this before i complain about the pile of diligence and drafting i have to do.

Cat said...

I know. Put things into perspective, huh?

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