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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tour de France Update

Week 2 of my Tour de France training went something like this:

Pedal pedal pedal... Yay, I know how to ride a bicycle now... the wind feels so good in my hair, yipeeeee, go Cat! Eh, curb in front, need to turn, not enough time, brake, brake, ahhhhhh!!! Crash. Bang. Splat. Waaahhhhhh! Sigh. No pain, no gain.

Anyhoo, tks C and D for letting me borrow your spare bike... here is the little rubber squeaky whale on the handlebar.


Pei said...

A round of applause!!

We'll bike to Sonoma next time.

Kai said...

So funny!!

Cat said...

Sonoma? Eh, maybe I can sit in the back of your bike, you know, like people do in Asia?

She-Hulk said...

the whale is adorable. Reminds me a bit of Casper the ghost, but blue.

Cat said...

OMG, you are so right, I kept thinking the whale reminded me of someone...

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