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Monday, November 9, 2009


Furaibo is a Japanese chain restaurant that serves bite size Japanese treats such as yakitori (aka Japanese shishikabob)... to me, it's kind of like the Japanese equivalent of a Chinese dim sum place or a Spanish tapas place... which I like very much... I prefer to sample different kinds of dishes, without the huge portions. One of the signature dishes there is the Japanese style fried chicken wings. I guess it's a common Asian thing to deep fry the chicken wings super crispy. But unlike Kyochon, Furaibo seasons its wings with finely grounded white pepper instead of a gooey garlic sauce...

Balance and harmony are very important concepts in Asian culture, so I tried to strike some with this Tofu salad... really helped to cool down the peppery taste of the chicken wings.

East Asian fusion -- Korean galbi turned out surprisingly tasty, seems they marinated it with more of a sweet Japanese mirin sauce than a Korean garlicky sauce. But I could be wrong...

Finally, the meal was washed down with a light tofu, napa cabbage and shrimp soup...


Pei said...

Mmm...more fried chicken. Your next post should be on Kokkekoko!

Cat said...

Kekkekoko looks interesting, have to check it out sometimes, tho it's kind of a mouthful (to say the name)...

Pei said...

It's the sound a rooster makes in Chinese! My sister S really likes it, so it's probably at least decent.

Really really though, you and K should go to Daikokuya in Little Tokyo. The wait can be super long so go early for lunch, but the ramen is SO GOOD. I know you like broth that's been cooked until it's milky white, so you'll love it. I think it's the best ramen in LA.

Cat said...

OMG, my to go list is getting soo long... I also want to go to a lamb kabob place in Ktown called Feng Mao... maybe when you and J are back next, we can all go there...

She-Hulk said...

I LOVE FURAIBO! I haven't been since college since that's where my UCLA friends would take me when I visited.

Cat said...

Jo -- we'll have to go there sometimes... let me know when you have time to visit WLA!

bella said...

Hey. Want to go back on our friendly abs challenge? I still have the before pictures.
(I'm being selfish...figure I'd win especially if your list of places to visit is longer than the one I have for Santa with reasons why he should still get me gifts this year.)

Pei said...

What's an abs contest? Do we get to see pictures and judge you?

Cat said...

Eh, Bella is a show off...she is proposing cuz she has abs of steel, but mine are kinda rolly polly... def no pictures... so embarrassing :-)

Pei said...

Work out with She-Hulk. You'll have abs of steel in no time.

Cat said...

Me lazy cat... no work out for moi. Yeah She-Hulk is very fit!

bella said...

Haha. My sugar loaded abs have no steel in them. I just wanted to win something because I KNOW you'll forfeit with all your upcoming restaurant ventures.

Cat said...

Arrrghhhh...that's not fair! You know how much I (love to) eat!

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