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Sunday, November 8, 2009


I love Korean fried chicken. So when I heard the Korean chain store Kyochon opened up a branch in Ktown, I had to go check it out!

The first course is a little side salad... the strawberries are a nice touch.

Then we waited and waited... and finally... our wings came! Yay! Chomp. Munch. Chomp. Oh yeah, we had garlic soy and sweet and spicy... they were yum! Tho they gave me a heartburn later in the day, but no pain no gain!

The country fries were very very good too... just enough seasoning on the outside and super crunchy too!

I even got a tiny teeny little doggy box to go... see how small it was, actually we saved one wing just so we could get this little box to go~

Alright, off to make another chicken wings delivery! the economy is getting kinda tough... so even super lawyer Cat needs to moonlight as a delivery person to make ends meet.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, nice helmet and paddings there kitty! You're not taking any risks with those 9 lives. :) - jo

Pei said...

That picture belongs on; I can't get over the pink bike, the basket, flower helmet, and super duper overall paddings. But where are your streamers and ringing bell?!

Cat said...

Aww,thank you dear friends for the encouragement... yup had to wear all my know how risk averse lawyers are, can't take any risk even with 9 lives! Oh, the dingdong bell got blocked by my wrist pad (which looked kinda ninja-ish)... but I suppose I could use those to fight off catnappers...

Anonymous said...

omg. just noticed the knee and elbow guards you're wearing on the last picture. scraped knees and bleeding elbows are part of the whole learning experience! -J

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