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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I scream, you scream, we all scream for pork chop! Yay! When I was little growing up in Shanghai, one of my favorite dishes was Shanghainese braised pork chop... back then, they didn't have mass piggy farms, so the pork chops were much more tender and flavorful than they are now. But nevertheless, once in a while I do get to eat good pork chops... and yesterday I went to Aki Restaurant on Santa Monica and had Japanese style deep fried pork chop, or Tonkatsu. I liked it so much, I went to Hurry Curry today and had another one! Yum yum yum! So crispy on the outside... and curry-y on the, outside... and Yogurtland afterwards! So happy!

Just as I thought life couldn't get any better... this Animal Services mobile unit parked next to me as I was about to turn back to my office... shudders, I am not a stray cat! Don't take me!

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Anonymous said...

Viva la Stray Cats (and non-Stray Cats).