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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yung Kee in Hong Kong

Yung Kee is a famous restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. So one night, we decided to brave the rain, and the five minute taxi ride, to taste its famous roasted goose...

First floor dining hall, by later that night, all three floors were packed, with people waiting on the side...

Free appetizer: ginger and thousand year old egg... the purpose of the ginger is to warm up your tummy. Not sure about the 1k yr old egg. I have very much a love hate relationship with these antique eggs.

We ordered a very unusual fish called -- Black Sea Watermelon Seed, named because of its jet black scales... notice the sharp red lips. I felt kind of bad, it's like it belongs in an aquarium rather than on people's dinner plate.

Here is the star of the evening... sadly the quality has gone down since five years ago (I used to come here quite often back then). The goose was a bit lukewarm, and just not as flavorful as before.

Another famous dish -- giant prawns stuffed with crab roe. Me likes very much. Sorry it's 4 in the morning, just got back from Hong Kong and super jetlagged so writing like a five year old.

Cantonese style noodle dish with veggies and meats... not pictured is a yummy veggie dish with crab meat and sauce.

And here is Mr. Black Sea Watermelon Seed... the Cantonese cook steamed fish like nobody else... it was perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, tender and delicious. RIP Mr. Fish.


-J said...

mmm. crab roe stuffed shrimp. i approve.

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