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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Vietnam Memorial

I am reading a book by Maya Lin called Boundaries. Maya designed the Vietnam Memorial which is one of my favorite places in DC. I cannot think of another war memorial that even comes close in terms of the emotional impact it has on visitors. Every time I go there, my heart feels like it's weighed down by a heavy stone.

disclaimer: I did not take the above photo, found it on the net of unknown attribute.


Anonymous said...

i've never been.. i wonder how the size of the obelisk compares to that at NYC's Central Park...


Cat said...

The obelisk in Central Park is about 70 feet tall. The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall. You have to go to the Vietnam Memorial, it is awesome!

Pei said...

H, you have to go to DC. No other place in the US can touch DC in terms of quantity of free museums and monuments to look at. It's really quite astounding.

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