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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hannah who?

Am I completely out of touch with American pop culture or what? Who is Hannah Montana? And why does her name sound like that of a porn star?


Pei Liao said...

LOL. You don't know her because you are not 8 years old and stuck in front of the Disney Channel all day long. My cousin loves Hannah. She's a kiddie star, and her name rhymes because that's what little kids like. Don't hate Hannah! Parents love her because her show and music are among the only wholesome things left on TV, and in interviews she always seems very wholesome and down to earth.

Like when people started buying tickets to her show and scalping them for $$$$, she gave away tickets to underprivileged children. She said "My show is good, but it's not THAT good!" Whether it was her, her parents, or her publicist who made that move, it's nice for her to give little kids the right message.

Hannah Montana would be a horrible porn name. It would be some huge fat woman.

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