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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

South of the Cloud

I am currently stranded in LA, hehe, so dug up some pictures from a wonderful trip to Yunnan, China.

Women from the local Nashi minority group. They offered to do a traditional dance for us, and several expressed an interest in marrying a fellow traveler and follow him to the US :-)

Notice the little girl at the end of the group? She is the daughter of one of the "dancers." Her mom is the prettiest of the group.

Here she is again, catching tadpoles from a pond nearby. We gave her some candies after the dance and she offered to give us her water bottle. At first we were a bit perplexed but she pointed to the tadpoles inside. Since we gave her candies, she gave us the tadpoles in return to show her gratitude. Such good manners!

The Nashi women were mesmerized by a fellow traveler's digital camera. I love this picture!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah, i remember this. this was when you were still back at baker, right? -J

Cat said...

Yep, this was from two years ago -- as you can tell from the picture resolution, probably 0.1 megapix, haha.

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