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Sunday, October 21, 2007

How to make a northern style Chinese pancake...

Here is how you make a delicious northern style Chinese pancake (courtesy of my mama). By way of background, there is a huge genetic and cultural split between northern and southern Chinese. The northerners are taller and their diet rely more on noodles, buns and pancakes, whereas rice is the staple of southern Chinese cuisine. Ok, here is what you do:

Make some dough

Cut dough into four or five portions or mini doughs

Roll the mini doughs into pancakes

Pour a mixture of salt, crushed walnut and black sesame on top in the shape of a smiley face (remember, it must be a smiley face, that is the key to this recipe! Otherwise you will cry your eyes out after you eat the pancake)

Ok, ok, mom, I won't mess around anymore (my mom just chased me away), anyway, you actually need to pour a generous portion

Roll the pancake into one long dough with the toppings rolled inside

Roll it back to a pancake

Put a little bit of oil on a pan and fry the pancake...

...until golden brown on each side

Now this is the hardest part...

Someone's got to eat it... and that's my job... oh zee angst... yummm...
Warnings and disclaimers from my mom: after you eat this northern Chinese style pancake and before you go on a hot date, please brush your teeth, because some of the black sesame may have stuck in between. Peace out, Cat's mom.