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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Taipei, me likey.

I arrived in Taipei safe and sound and promptly went to the famous Xiao Long Bao place -- Ding Tai Feng. Of course, we totally over ordered -- too busy eating to take pictures of all the dishes. In addition to the ones pictured below, we also ordered fried rice with pork chops, red bean paste xiao long bao and xiao long bao with crab roe...

Afterwards, we wandered around and bumped into Taipei 101 and window shopped some and decided it was time for dessert.

After dessert, we wandered around more and bumped into Taipei 101 again. Here is a night shot.

After Taipei 101, we ran into these strange structures, looks like they carved the names of supporters of Taipei 101 onto these colorful blocks... So I carved -- Cat was here -- onto one of them too :P

indigenous Taiwanese festival. To be honest, it was rather sad, there were way more indigenous Taiwanese vendors than Han Taiwanese visitors. Anyhoo, some pictures.

Ok, we may go to the night market in a little while... wooo, night market, more food, me likey... and me so jetlagged.