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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wuhan at Night

Hmmm, clearly, I need to re-read the instructions for taking pictures at night... way too dark. But anyhoo, here are some pictures from Wuhan I took last night.

Dinner at a lake side restuarant. The ceiling was shiny shiny -- so what you are seeing here is actually a reflection of the restaurant on the ceiling.

Ok, I know it's virtually impossible to see -- but it is actually a picture of the moon and a bridge over the Yangtze River!

Dancers at a very loud and smokey bar

Well, since the night shots are all so dark, I thought I'd throw in a day time shot as well. As you can see, it is very very hazy here from all the pollution.

What the heck, since I am already deviating from the theme of this post, here are more day time pics from Wuhan. Ramen Restuarant -- kinda so so and generic -- though it was cool that at around 3, when I was there, the staff were all sitting in the back eating a late lunch together and chatting and laughing. I like this kind of collegial spirit.

Outside the restaurant, some women were selling raw silk filled comforters -- see here they are pulling apart a bundle of raw silk, and what they do is once they pull the raw silk into a thin sheet, they stack them on top of each other and that would be the filling inside the comforter -- I think that's how it works, could be wrong.


Pei Liao said...

Fun! Bring home a comforter and I'll feed you ketchup fried rice. Hehehe...

Pei Liao said...

PS, I found another place with dark sugar syrup shaved ice. We should go some time.

Cat said...

dark sugar syrup shaved ice... yummm...

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