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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mmmmm, yummy foot...

Is this a Bao? Me think not. Being half northern Chinese, I am practically from Baoland. My mother makes Baos all the time, and they certainly do not look like this. Real Baos look like dumplings on steroids... yep, Baos are just big dumplings.

So where does yummy foot come from... well, I said whatever I just said while waiting for my order at Take a Bao in Century City Mall right next to a dude who was handing out people's orders as they become ready. So I trashed their lack of authenticity for like five minutes. Then the dude explained to me that the reason they couldn't make it authentic was because they didn't think these would be receptive by a western food audience. And then he proceeded to tell me that he was the owner of the place. Oooopsie! So to atone for my foot in mouth disease, since they were super busy, I volunteered to help the owner call out people's names when their orders were ready. He would say, Debbie, and if Debbie doesn't show up, I would screech -- Deebbiiiiiie! I hope he appreciated that :-P