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Monday, September 22, 2008

Vietnamese Food = Yumminess

I LOVE Vietnamese food. It's fresh, healthy, herby, tasty... as I write, my mouth is getting watery, and my tongue is sticking out like a puppy, droooool... want some Vietnamese food NOW! But alas, I shall always have these pictures as sweet memories...

I insisted that we go to "lunch" at 10am, and fortunately we found a place that was open. So for like an hour, we were the only patrons...I love mom and pop restaurants, so much tastier than the fancy schmancy ones...look at the lovely vinyl table clothes!

Vermicelli Salad with Spring Rolls and Vegies -- the bestest Vietnamese spring rolls I've ever had, crispy, flavorful, mmmmm....

Tamarind Fish Soup -- Look at the spongy looking thingy in the foreground, it's a special type of Vietnamese vegetable. The texture is the same as it looks, spongy.

Pho Close-Up, looks like they sprinkled some ground white pepper on top.

Group Portrait -- mmmm, the food is mine, all mine, muahahaha... yeah, I am a greedy eater :-P

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