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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Korean Dinner

I went to a traditional Korean restaurant for dinner tonight. No, this is not a setting for a ghost story, tho it looks so. The lighting is a bit off...

See, all bright and nice inside. I particularly liked the traditional wood beam roof.

Appetizer porridge and soup... refreshing.

I like this appeitizer dish a lot. You put a little bit of everything, shredded mushroom, carrots, beef, etc. in the little wrapper thingy and dip it in mustard sauce. Simple and delcious. Ok, had a lot more food, but forgot to take pictures, oh well. All in all, a very pleasant meal.


Anonymous said...

Cute! I love the metal tray with sections. Yum yum.

The restaurant looks like it's straight out of a ninja movie.

Anonymous said...

caaaat, i'm so jealous. enjoy your trip and post lots of pictures! remember, ahn young ha seh yo (hi, how are you) and gam sa hab nee da (thank you).

Cat said...

Pei -- Yep, Hiyaaah!

Anon -- thanks for the mini Korean lesson, I'll sure use that in like 4 hours :-)

Anonymous said...

I just realized that you could totally have taken these photos anywhere in Ktown and fooled us into thinking you are in Seoul. Hmm....suspicious.