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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tour of the Ninja Restaurant

Since I came to Seoul, I've been operating around a 0.1 mile radius (sadly, I am not kidding). Tonight, we went to the same restaurant for the third night in a row (ok maybe 2 and 1/2 nights in row since it was its sister restaurant) so I thought I'd give you a mini tour of the restaurant complex. Here is the main entrance:

Courtyard. Apparently this complex was featured in a Korean drama called "Gourmet." Hehe, if I could only run into cute Kdrama stars!

Ninja Restaurant during day time. See the eerie nightshot here... wooo... ghosts...

Kimchee jars! Hmm, maybe I'll hide one of these in my luggage and bring back authentic kimchee to LA!

Another view. Ok, time to go inside and eat!

OMG. I think I've just had the most delicious K BBQ ever! The meats were so good: tender, juicy and flavorful. All I did was dip them in a little bit of sea salt... So good.