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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bella the Explorer

My friend Bella went on a mission to explore a planet far far away called Maine... here is her dispatch via the Hubble Telescope. Unlike LA, they don't have lots of sunshine, the sky is usually covered by grey stuff and occasionally liquidy thingies fall from the sky. Oh yeah, they also have very tall plants called trees.

This is what they eat: giant red bugs and they are only $3.50/lb. Why so cheap?! Me want some!

They also eat crabmelt... wow, Bella you take good food pics!

And lobster BLT... yours truly has just collapsed from food envy... wiping away drool.

House in Maine... cool color contrast... love little red boats (update: canoes)!

The male species of Mainers catching food...

So scenic!

This is what my kind looks like in Maine... I think M is sooo cute! Love the little tongue sticking out. Just want to smother him (update, M is a girl) with hugs and kisses.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my cod I lobster never flounder.

Cat said...

Huh, r u speaking Mainish?

Pei said...

You made J cry. No lobsters for us?!

Cat said...

Welcome to the lobster crying club! I was like wah when I heard 3.50 a pound. Bella, look what you've done!

Loanne said...

If it makes you feel any better. It was mostly cloudy, rainy and in the high 50's - 60's. No tank top or shorts for this explorer. But lobstah eating wuz good.