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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HRH Princess Garfield... feeling like a lazy putty tat today...don't move me away from the couch or the tv or my bag of potato put bib on me to catch drooolll....zzzzzzz


Pei said...

I heart potato chips. Come visit me and we'll sit in front of the TV with one sack each, and switch flavors in the middle.

Cat said...

Yep, the boys could work furiously knocking down on walls, mixing paint... and we'll just be lazy bums and munch on potato chips :-)

Anonymous said...

Cat, look, it's your evil (but oh so musical) twin!


Cat said...

Pfftt... I am soooo much cuter than Monkey, guess we must be fraternal twins and I got all the good genes! Kiddings aside, I like this kind of independent spirit, almost felt like donating a little $ to their defense fund...

Pei said...

J, don't be so naive. We all know Cat IS the evil twin...

Cat said...

Pei! Gasp! I am a little angel... blink blink.

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