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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Pretty night...


Pei said...

Oooh, fancy shmancy! Jiraffe is one of the restaurants I was curious about but never had a change to go to in Santa Monica. How did you like it?

Cat said...

The food was yummy, the portions were generous but it was a tad on the pricey side. They had the best dessert tho. I had the banana cream pie -- the cream was not at all heavy, it was covered by a layer of thinly sliced banana, which was covered by a thin layer of caramelized sugar (kind of like the glaze on top of creme brule)... mmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Come to SF. Tartine redefines the meaning of a banana cream pie. -J

Pei said...

I think Cat's had the banana cream pie at tartine, last time we all went with T and Shirl, no?

What Cat's describing is more like a banana cream pie meets creme brulee.

Cat said...

Creme brulee... mmmmm.....the only good thing that came out of France.

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