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Monday, December 7, 2009

Les Sisters

I went to the cutest little restaurant this weekend -- Les Sisters. It serves creole, cajun foods. Look at the decor, even spotted a cowboy in the midst!

Baby back BBQ ribs -- it was pretty good. I liked the sides too, collard greens and cole-slaw.

Fried chicken -- the chicken was nice, and it was fried appropriately. But, we ordered the spicy version and it barely tasted of anything! Fortunately, Tabasco sauce came to the rescue.

The aftermath of Mini-Tornado Cat!


Anonymous said...

best cajun is still harold and belles -J

Cat said...

Oh, k, gotta check that one out... am a big cajun fan.

Cat said...

It's sooo pricey!

Cat said...

Did we go to that place with T?

Pei said...

J says he went with you and T, and then he and I went. Yummy!

Cat said...

Oh yeah, has it been that long? Time sure flies.