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Monday, December 21, 2009

Kawaaiii Alert

Baby's first pair of Uggs!!!! Ahhh, they were so overpriced but had to get them cuz they are just sooo adorable. Nope, I am not having a baby, but a friend is having a baby girl in January so these are my Xmas present for her!


Pei said...

Don't lie. You wear those to work on Casual Fridays.

Actually, I saw those last year when a friend was shopping for a baby shower, and it took all our willpower not to buy one in every color. Nice choice for a winter baby!

Cat said...

Alright, they are for me, I put a giant pair of eyeglasses next to them to make them look small :-) To be honest tho, I wouldn't mind wearing them at all, they look sooo comfy!

Loanne said...

Your "Golden Lotus" feet should fit into these nicely. Had I known how expensive Uggs would be, I would have started my foot binding process at least 10 years ago so I can at least afford baby ones instead. Where was your blog then? HUH?

Cat said...

Alright, I confess, those are my shoes, I am a child bride from China!