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Monday, February 22, 2010

Xian Famous Foods

Long long time ago, the ancient Chinese capital of Xi'an used to be the last stop on the Silk Road... Although the Persian traders are long gone, they left their culinary marks on Xi'an. When I was little, I used to spend summers with my aunt's family there and go to the Muslim quarters to eat Chinese Muslim food... And so when I read a review of Xi'an Famous Foods in the New York Times, I started to plot a trip to NYC to eat some good Liang Pi and cumin lamb burgers!

We went to the Manhattan branch which is literally a hole in the wall, there aren't any tables or seats, just a tiny bar area, only big enough to fit two people standing up. Here, the lady is tossing my Liang Pi...mmmm...

Finally! Liang Pi! Spicy, soury, slippery, spongy, crispy... such a great combination of tastes and textures...

Cumin lamb burger... it was only $2.50... can't beat it. They stuffed it with cuminy lamb meat and the pancake was very very good too.


-J said...

mmmmm... so jealous!

Pei said...


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