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Friday, July 9, 2010

Calbi Taco Truck

I was hungry the other afternoon and and my eyes lid up when I saw this cute little taco truck parked nearby...

Nice menu display...

Two beef tacos and a Korean rice drink... All for six bucks. My verdict: paws up!


Bella said...

Meals on wheels huh?

Cat said...

Yep, it's rice punch and it is quite yummy.

Unknown said...

Have you tried the Kogi taco truck? I like the tacos there... other stuff was "ehhh."

Cat said...

Yes I have. Kogi's actually catered our lunch once. But they were seriously off that day... the kimchi topping was soooo salty. I swear I had never tasted anything that salty. Maybe I'll give them another try.

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