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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Contemporary Chengdu Dining

A local friend took me and C to Gingko, a trendy Sichuanese/
Cantonese restaurant. There are quite a few Sichuanese/Cantonese fusion restaurants in Chengdu, maybe they mix in Cantonese to balance out the fieriness of Sichuanese cuisine. We started out with a salad and a very refreshing drink, forgot the fruit they used... it's purple.

This dish doesn't look too appetizing but it tastes really good. It's actually slightly sour and spicy. The beef on top is really tender and the bottom is a bed of veggies. Do you see the chicken feet and tuna rolls in the background? Guess there is a bit of Japanese fusion going on here too.

This is a light dish... you mix everything together and get a delicious little tofu mix.

Dan Dan Noodles and Red Oil Fried Hands (haha, the English translation is so weird). What I like about this place is the flavors are so good and complex without being overwhelming.

I am not a huge dessert person but I loved the red rice cake, very light, not greasy at all.... and the purplish bun in the back is filled with egg yolk and a little butter... very creamy. Mmmmmm...


Pei said...

nom nom nom...I'm hiding in your suitcase next time. Don't be scared when I jump out. Just feed me.

Cat said...

Lol... I think I may just have a heart-ache.. thanks for the advance warning :-)

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