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Friday, July 30, 2010

Red Lantern at HKG

It was my birthday, so after a long meeting, my coworkers and I headed over to Hong Kong airport (yep, HKG is awesome with tons of shops and restaurants, I'd be perfectly fine just hanging out there) and had a terrific meal at Red Lantern, a Malaysian restaurant. We started out with baby bean shoots. Perfectly cooked and seasoned... good start.

Since it was my b-day, we had to have noodles for longevity. Look at all the goodies in there -- mussels, fishballs, egg, squid, shrimp, crabmeat, tofu... mmmm... how come everything in Asia taste so good?

Giant prawns with almond flakes... I am not a huge almond fan, but these flakes were delish.

Chili pepper crab... very good again.

Since I was wolfing down the food, my coworkers got two more dishes just in case I was still hungry.

Softshell crabs... reminded me of my time in Maryland, where we had lots of softshell blue crabs.

Aftermath of Tornado Cat! This is after the waitress changed my plate like five times. I've no idea how I ended up with three pairs of chopsticks. *Blush*