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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cheung Chau Island

IMO, the outlying islands are the best kept secrets of Hong Kong. They are a mere half an hour to an hour's ferry ride away, but they could not be more different. Here is the harbor at Cheung Chau Island.

A long time ago, more island people lived on boat than on land... here is one fisherman's home. See the clothes being line dried on the boat?

One of the main thoroughfares on the island (here is a popular dim sum restaurant)... btw, no personal/commercial vehicles are permitted on the island... only specially designed emergency vehicles. So lots of people ride bicycles on Cheung Chau.

Another busy side street... the local foods here kind of reminded me of some Taiwanese dishes such as oyster pancakes, mi shian...

Local lady selling dried seafoods

McDonald's... why are we Americans such scene spoilers :-)

The oddest umbrella I'd ever seen... see how sleepy this little island is?

Eating dim sum... the restaurant owner asked me: are you going to eat all that? So I replied: why don't you help me... and he was laughing... people are really easy going here, completely different from the main Hong Kong Island. Btw, all this for less than five bucks.

It was so hot, I almost got a heat stroke. So after dims um, I hid inside Circle 9 (local equivalent of 7/11) and watched as a parade passed by.