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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthday Weekend

One summer, my mother and I went to visit my father in Beijing. It was the year of my fifth birthday. To celebrate my birthday, my parents took me to a sit down restaurant for the first time in my life. I was so excited. I remember sitting at the table, with full anticipation, waiting to be served. But after two hours, we were never served, yes, that was how bad service was in China at the time. We eventually left and for the first time, I knew what disappointment felt like.

Now, we fast forward many many years... to 2011. And it's your dear kitty cat's birthday again! This time, it was not mama and dada, but C and D who took me to dinner at Capital Grille. And this time, there was no disappointment at all, I felt like a princess and had a terrific time :)
Crab and lobster cake... big lumps of crab and lobster meat, with corn salsa... so good, loved that slightly charred taste.
And today, it was lunch with the full family... at Newport Seafood Restaurant on Las Tunas... here is its house special lobster. It was huge!
And the rest of the dishes!
After family lunch, we went to a BBQ at P's house... look at the view. It was hot though. Oh yeah, I was assigned to sit at the toy bench for being naughty. heheheh.
This grill is da bomb! I'd never tasted such delicious BBQ. The smokey flavor was so good.
Look at the chicken breast and chicken wings... I was so stuffed from lunch, and yet I had like three huge chicken wings... it was that good.
Enjoying a hot summer afternoon.