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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Spoke with an old friend tonight. Shockingly we realized it's been eight years since we were summer associates! Seemed like yesterday when we were all squeezed into that little flat in Hong Kong. Sigh how time flies. J and J are married now, not to each other, thank goodness:) S is a mom, Y had her second kid, T is getting married... So I came up with this great idea that we'll have a summer associates reunion and I am gonna be the organizer! Maybe we can rent a house in Russian River Valley!


Pei said...

sigh, next time you get accidental upgrades in Seoul, could you please invite important people over? Ahem? Such as, important people who feed you from time to time?

Cat said...

Important ppl who feed me from time to time -- who could they be? Scratching head... Next time I shall call the kimchi hotline to invite u guys over to the princess suite and we'll have a slumber paartay!