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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hello from Seoul

Liberation! I was in China for a week and my poor little blog was blocked by the Great Firewall of China so couldn't update. But anyhoo, I am now in Seoul and have free access to blogger. Yippeeee. K, here is what happens when a hotel overbooks and makes other booboos, and I end up with a suite fit for a Princess.
Tada: I've got my own living area and dining area, and kitchen and a spare bathroom for guests. Hehehe, guess it never hurts to have two litter boxes. Oh yeah, btw, before they told me which room I got, I was like, could you pls make sure my room isn't next to the elevator and has a bed, and they were like, eh, you got the second largest room in the hotel. And my eyes went big, and I was like, oh, okie, thanks mucho, pretend I didn't say anything, actually I AM very important :)


Anonymous said...

Very swanky Kitty accommodations!


Anonymous said...

hihi ^^


Loanne said...

Invite all the Aristocats over for some tea!