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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shanghai on Steroids

I have driven around it before, but have never been inside. So when I was in Shanghai this time, I decided to go check out the highest building in China.
Look at this view... gulp, looks like my hometown has gained a lot of weight in the past twenty years, barely recognizable. What are all these tall thingies sticking out from the ground?
Ahhhh! The viewing deck on the 97th floor, glassy transparent floor, scary!
Cars so small.
Cute twin girls and their brother. Sigh, when I was little, I had to wear my sister's hand-me-downs. Sniff sniff.
My BFFs, Japanese tourists, doing the typical Japanese touristy stuff... kawaiiiiii :)


Bella said...

Ahhh. A tingling sensation all over me... yikes. That's tall.

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