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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Bestest Crabcake in Town

This has to be the best crabcake I have ever had. The little crisps on the side are actually Banana chips, and they went very well with the guacamole dip spread under the crab cake. The guacamole had a sprinkle of diced red onions which gave it a nice kick. And last but not the least, the crab cake is made of plump and fresh crab meat slightly fried so it had this delicious crispy outside layer... and it's topped with a grilled yummy... mouth is watering... btw it was actually pretty substantial, the plate was huge so made the food look tiny teeny...


Anonymous said...


Cat said...

Oh, forgot that one piece of info -- it's at the Breeze restaurant in the Hyatt in Century City...

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I've lost count of the times I've eaten at Breeze. It was terrible each time. Never tried their crabcakes tho... maybe next time.. -J

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