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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Simple Dinner

Several people have asked me what I eat at home. I try to eat as healthy and as simple as I can. I love making soupy stuff. So I normally would stop by the Japanese market on my way home, pick up some fresh organic mushrooms, tofu, and some greens and toss them together and make a delicious healthy soup.

Make sure you add some chopped spring onions too, really brings out the flavor of the soup.

Well, usually after a healthy vegetarian meal, the carnivore side of me creeps out and I start craving meat. At this point, typically all discipline breaks down and I start munching on salami, frozen chicken wings, beef jerky, etc... So the moral of the story is, don't go vegetarian cold turkey, and do not watch the Food Network if you want to eat simple and healthy. Anyhoo... I will try to be good tonight and hopefully not end up going to bed clutching my tummy.


Anonymous said...

Wholeheartedly agree! A completely vegetarian meal leaves me really hungry afterwards and then all hell breaks loose. Better to throw a few slices of beef, a few chunks of chicken, or a few shrimp into the soup to begin with!

Those mushrooms are too cute. I love those. ~Pei

Cat said...

I know, the clustered mushrooms are oh so cute and the trumpet ones, well I even lined them up according to their sizes, hehe... you are absolutely right, I was about to mention that too, better to throw in a few pieces of meat or seafood, than starve and binge eat later...

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's good to have the healthy vegatarian meal for a change afer your Koba BBQ!