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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chinese 101

Our Chinese culture week continues. Several of my colleagues have problem pronouncing the Chinese words for thank you and you are welcome. So I came up with the following lesson for Chinese 101:

Thank you = 謝謝 which is pronounced Shieh Shieh. But since most non-Chinese people have problem pronouncing it, I told my colleagues to say -- Shit Shit

You are welcome = 不謝 in Chinese which is pronounced Bu Shieh. Again to simplify it, I told my colleagues to say -- Bull Shit

Seriously, their Chinese is vastly improved after taking Chinese 101 from 貓眯老師 (or Teacher Cat).


Anonymous said...


Seriously, I have no words.

Cat said...

Oh yeah, I could be a very bad 貓咪老師, because I teach my colleagues all the bad bad Chinese words... haha...

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