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Monday, March 31, 2008

Boot Camp Update

I survived Day 1 of Extreme Boot Camp - by being a Big Cry Baby, haha, always works... self congratulatory pat on the back, now it's time for some of this:


Anonymous said...

So did you go or not then? -J

Cat said...

Of course I went to Boot Camp! Got up at 5 and got there at 5:40... but didn't work too hard, cuz, put it this way, I am just too delicate to work too hard...

pei said...

Ha. Boot Camp is a great idea but if you're just going to be lazy it's a total waste of $500. Might as well cut out the middleman and just use the money to buy some salami.

What did they make everyone else do while you sat around being lazy? :D

Cat said...

Other people worked their butts off -- I saw sweat pouring down some guy's face, literally pouring...

pei said...

LOL. Maybe you should be more like him. :)

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