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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Liu Fang Yuan

Ok, this week is officially Chinese Culture Week on Yesterday, we saw a beautiful scroll depicting a calligrapher overlooking a pond from a garden and today I went to one. Ahh, so pretty. Tho I must say Huntington Gardens should have consulted me first before they went ahead and named their newest Chinese Garden -- 流芳圓 (Liu Fang Yuan or Garden of Flowing Fragrance). It sounds like the name of a brothel in old times... anyhoo, here are some pretty pictures... didn't bump into any prostitutes or Eliot Spitzer there...

The outer wall -- beautiful. I love the wave pattern...

Close up of the wall -- I wish you could see all the exquisite details.

Tada! this is what's hiding inside -- it is based on the garden of a scholar in Suchow, China during one of the dynasties. Hmmm, I could see myself as the lady of a house in Ming Dynasty China, idling around the garden all day long -- drink some tea, compose some poems, eat some melon seeds, dab away some pretty tears... and generally looking "three eight", if you know what I mean... But on a serious note, isn't it interesting that a piece of Chinese Culture is being revived here in America?

Another view...

Bamboo Sound Spring -- I think the Chinese character in the middle means sound (but in a lyrical way). BTW, I think these rocks were all imported from the West Lake area in China, they are really beautiful.

View of the bridge and the Three Friends Pavilion

A close up of the Three Friends Pavilion -- look at those beautiful West Lake rocks that line the lake!

West lake Rock - nature's work of art.

Pretty pavilion overlooking the Pond -- it's probably the prettiest in the garden, the carvings inside are exquisite!

Look at this -- the flowers and leaves look like they are alive!