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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cat v. Hollywood

I went to the movie premiere for The Children of Huang Shi and one of the stars Michelle Yeoh happened to be there. She is prettier in person.

I wanted to take a picture for my blog, so I went up to her and was about to snap a shot when someone in a dark suit went like, shoosh shoosh, and told me to walk along, apparently the rule was: I could take a picture while walking pass Michelle, but I couldn't stop and take a picture of her... hence the blurry close up shot.

So, being the ever clever legal eagle, I proclaimed my constitutional right to be a paparazzi, to stop and snap a shot. And the security personnel's reply was that they had purchased the entire place and I had no constitutional right there. Ok, apparently they do have smarty security people. But, I felt it was a semi public arena. It was inside a mall and shares a walkway with Barnes and Noble. Look at these pictures:

Anyway, the movie was okay. I give them a 10 for the effort but eh, it could use some serious editing...